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Choice Baby Pte Ltd

(a member of Choice Baby Group)

Choice Baby Pte Ltd the exclusive baby gender selection company has been operating in Singapore since August 2004. The Group has assisted many couples in balancing their family successfully by way of a scientific method known as The Choice Method. The Choice Method seeks to define the polarity cycle (favourable days) of a woman based on her age, blood type and the start date of her last menstruation. The polarity cycle defines those days of the month when the ovum membranes on an individual woman’s ovum are believed to be either negatively or positively charged thereby enhancing the probability that they will attract the male or female sperm respectively for the successful conception of a baby boy or girl.


Choice Baby Pte Ltd

1 Scotts Road

#24-10 Shaw Centre

Singapore 228208

Phone: +65 9626 1500


For further information, please visit us at: Choice Baby Pte Ltd.

Choice Baby Pte Ltd are the Principal Licensees of The Choice Method in Singapore.