The CHOICE Method of Gender Selection

Although Dr Stolkowski's studies were limited, there are many who believe that he was at the forefront of the most accurate system yet of safely choosing the sex of your child. We are referring to the CHOICE method, one of the newest ways to control gender selection.

Using Dr Stolkowski's research as his base, European biologist Patrick Schoun discovered that the membrane surrounding a human egg also emits ions, transmitting a kind of electrical "charge" of its own. Reportedly it is this energy that attracts either the X or Y sperm.

He also found that at specific times in a woman's monthly cycle, her egg is electrically "charged" to attract either the X or Y sperm exclusively. In addition, he also noted a clearly "neutral" time in the cycle when the electrical charge surrounding an egg is totally dependent upon environmental factors, including diet, which is one reason Dr Stolkowski's food theories seemed to work so well.

In addition, Schoun also found that the time frame which the egg is electrically charged one way or the other can range from one to ten days in a calendar month and can change from month to month. So, for example, in January you may have ten consecutive days on which your egg is charged in a way that attracts the X sperm, while in February, you may have only three days when this occur. So, by coordinating your most fertile time, (the six days before ovulation) with the days when your egg is attracted to either the X or the Y sperm, you can plan sexual relationship to coincide with the conception of either a boy or a girl.

How a Computer came to the rescue

While Dr Schoun's theories were rapidly proving to be right the individual's calculations involved in determining the correct time to have sex were staggering. Indeed it was nearly impossible for a couple to figure out the method on their own.

Finally, however, a group of French scientists found a way to enter all the necessary scientific date about the gender selection theory into a computer. They also included some personal information about the couple (including menstrual history, contraception use, and reproductive history) as well as for preference for either a boy or a girl. The end result was the development of the CHOICE method - a personalized twelve month gender selection calendar that clearly spelled out the days on which a particular egg would attract either the X or Y sperm for an entire year.

Of course the CHOICE method does not predict ovulation - therefore it cannot help you get pregnant. What it can do, however, is point out on which days of the month you are most likely to conceive either a boy or a girl. Then, by using your personal ovulation chart to determine, your most fertile time (five days before, and the day of ovulation) you can use the calendar to conceive a child of the gender of your choice.

If, in any given month, your gender selection days do not fall within your natural ovulation period, you will not get pregnant.

How well does this system work? A six year study of 155 couples (1989 - 1994) yielded a success rate of 98.7% - 153 of the 155 couples conceived the gender they desired. For the record, 81 of those couples wished to have a girl (52.3%) while 74 hoped for a boy (47.7%). As of 1999 approximately fifteen hundred parents have used the CHOICE method to select the sex of their baby, with accuracy remaining between 96 and 98 percent.

Additionally 95 percent of the mothers (women who did not necessary have fertility problems) who used the CHOICE calendar in conjunction with their natural ovulation pattern conceived a child of their desired gender within 8 months, with most getting pregnant within 4 months. On rare occasions, when a woman's cycle is extremely irregular, or her ovulation does not coincide with any CHOICE gender selection dates, French physicians often prescribe low dose birth control pills (Loestrin 1/20-21) for one month to help create ovulation on desired days.

Finally, because the CHOICE method is not affected by miscarriage, if you should lose a pregnancy during a calendar year, you can continue to use your specific dates for future conceptions in the remaining months - you won't need to purchase a new calendar. Unfortunately, however, the CHOICE calendar method does not appear to be as effective when fertility drugs are used to help achieve pregnancy.