Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other natural methods?

Yes, there are other methods such as the Shettles Method, diet, douching and Chinese calendar and most of them will increase your chance. But only the CHOICE Method has a scientifically proven success rate of 98.7%.

Will my favourable days coincide with my ovulation?

If you have a very predictable / accurate menstrual cycle, then at some time the ovulation cycle will coincide with the favourable days. If, after receiving the chart and it's clear that the favourable days will not coincide with your ovulation, you may ask your doctor to prescribe you some mini pills to retard or bring on your period, so that your ovulation can fall on the days marked favourable for the gender that you desire. Nevertheless, please remember that a woman can conceive anytime and in some rare cases, even during their menses.

If my period is not regular, will this effect my chart?

The CHOICE Conception Chart is based on the polarity cycle of your ovum membrane and not your menses cycle. So, an irregular period will not effect the chart.

Can I combine your method and other method?

Absolutely. You will also receive the CHOICE Conception Chart together with other advice on diets for conceiving the gender that you desire.