The science behind

gender selection

is becoming better understood in the scientific community. Consistent scientific studies are concluding the same facts, that there are influential variables that can be controlled in order to significantly increase the chances of selecting the gender of the child. In today's world, families are smaller, many couples often do have a preference for the gender of their first child or in the instances where families have been trying unsuccessfully to have a child of a different gender without any success. If you consider yourself one of these groups, then you have come to the right place.

a 98% success rate

Yes, this is a statement of fact that comes from studies published from reputable sources and now is available for your benefit. See

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improve selection certainty

Do you want to conceive with high degree of certainty of your child's gender? Can you be certain about it even before you conceive? Would you like to move on from a 50 : 50 chance in gender selection to 55 - 65% or a higher degree of certainty which is beyond 98%? Do not rely on chance, you now have a Choice! Learn more about the



satisfaction guaranteed

Choice Baby provides a 100% money back guarantee upon sight of a true copy of the birth certificate showing the gender other than the one stated on the application form.